Extract from
The American Society Of Mechanical Engineers

Fiber bed mist eliminators in LOV applications are guaranteed to reduce oil emissions to 0.2 mg/acf or less.

The benefits of installing a fiber bed mist eliminator go beyond achieving compliance. They include the follow-ing.

  •     Eliminate the need to pipe the oil vent to the turbine exhaust in an effort to disperse the mist and thus hide or avoid the problem.
  •     Reduce roof damage and maintenance costs caused by accumulation of vented oil mists.
  •     Reduce the safety hazard to people walking on an oil slick walkway, roof or pavement.
  •     Eliminate unsightly, dirt-accumulating, oil slicks on the side of otherwise attractive buildings.
  •     Reduce the potential health hazard of breathing oil mists.
  •     Reduce the possibility of power reduction and increased maintenance of gas fired cogeneration turbines caused by ingesting oil mist.
  •     Central collection of oil for easy disposal, recycling or direct reuse.

    Thus fiber bed mist eliminators can change an onerous nuisance and environmental liability into a economic asset while having virtually no maintenance, service or spare parts requirements. Fiber bed mist eliminators in LOV service have been essentially maintenance free for over 10 years.
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