From smallest coupling
From smallest coupling to complete systems, solutions with advance functionalities. Products and systems for installation and operation in most environments imaginable. Delivered with varying demands on materials ranging from carbon steel to high-grade duplex materials for corrosive environment.

Unlimited opportunities
7 Way is an open company with no obligations to individual manufacturers, this means that we in each project also has unlimited opportunities to critically choose each component based on the requirements put forward to us. 
We delliver new, retrofit, spares & ware solutions that fits almoust any brand or installation.




  Filter mesh pad / CoalescorAir Filters - Pre filter, Fine filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter, Cartridge filter, Compact  filter



  InoVane - Water Droplet Separator Sand and dust storm filter spin tubesComplementary protection - Hoods & Screens








Part of our range.


*Air Filters, Cartridge, Hose, Cassette, Pads, Carbon and Bag filters.

*Water droplet Separators with Vertical Vanes, for air intakes and process.

*Sand and dust Storm Separators with multi cyclone spin tube filters, protects your machines from sand and dust.

*Rain and Snow Protection with carefully engineered hood solutions gives the correct complementary functionality.

*Silencers, attenuation is calculated and designed for each requirement.

*Filter housings, designed to fit the filter requirements. -other of our products can be integrated.

*Heaters for Safe and Hazardous areas, in electrical and liquid types.

*Complete Systems & Solutions, many of our products are integrated into one working unit.

*Pneumatic actuator control, complete installations with valves, sensors, tubings and panels.

*Electrical Equipment, for safe and hazardous areas, motors, transmitters, switches, sensors aso.

*Electrical Installations  for safe and hazardous areas.

*Dampers, for inlet and exhaust ventilation, fast shutting, adjusting, on off and in different classes.

*Pressure relief hatches, evacuate pressure from your system. 





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