InoVane Tempest - dust and sand storm filter that separates air born particles from air.

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InoVane Tempest - Inertial Cyclone Filtration


The problem
Your equipment is under constant attack by a wide range of airborne contaminants, many of them invisible to the human eye. Once inside a compressor or blower, they corrode and erode internals and foul up processes.


Save energy
7 Way air intake systems reduce energy costs and protect your compression equipment from unnecessary downtime. Clean intake air is therefore one of the most effective ways to save energy and control escalating maintenance costs.

The Tempest 
sand and dust storm unit is a heavy duty self-cleaning filter, equipped with matrix modules of inertial spin separators for filtration of both dry and wet contaminants. Modules in strong corrosion-free construction means that the InoVane Tempest can be installed in hostile environments.





-Air inlet Pre filter in all types of industrial, public and commercial buildings

-Pre filter for air intakes to rotating machines as:
     Gas Turbines
     Diesel/Gas Motors
     Blower systems

-Pre filter for air conditioning and ventilating systems in heavy industrial conditions.




-Galvanized steel.
-Stainless steel.

Tempest Cyklone module:
-High Density PP.



Ambient Temperatures
The strong corrosion resistant construction means the Module can be installed in hostile environments. In addition, it is unaffected by wide ambient temperature variations – maintaining stability and operational integrity from - 40°C to + 93°C.

    Sand dust filter InoVane Tempest Z  

Helping Compression Equipment Breath Easy
Contaminants at the intake of compressors, blowers and turbines dramatically affect the cost of supplying compressed air. Inefficient intake filtration permits contaminants to corrode, erode and foul internals.

7 Way air intake filters will deliver optimum performance, energy savings and protection to gain long component service life.

Rotating machines
The InoVane Tempest separates and removes dirt, sand dust and other particles from intake air before it can inflict internal damage to expensive rotating machines.

-Gas Turbines
-Diesel/Gas Motors
-Blower systems.

Extend the lifetime
The aggregate can easily be adapted for the specific application and could also be designed for fitting onto any static air intake and standardized HVAC aggregate, and will considerably extend the lifetime for filters.

Also for water
The unit is very effective and is easily integrated and fitted in front of any intake. Tempest filters work best in extremely dirty environments where contaminant loading is a problem for conventional air intake filtration. The Tempest is a highly effective inertial separator, - superb also for water.

7 WAY manufactures custom designed systems that are both cost-effective and offer the necessary level of protection for your equipment.


Centrifugal force
The standard cyclone filter module is mold-formed of rugged, high-density polypropylene. Through centrifugal force, contaminants are removed from the air stream as it is drawn through tubes.

The cyclone sand and dust storm module’s remarkable efficiency is the culmination of years of engineering design, laboratory developments and field testing.

Remarkable efficient
Used alone, it removes 98% of solid particles 15 microns and larger from an air stream. In addition, it will remove up to 99.4% of moisture, whether in the form of liquid mist or snow. 



Multi Cyclone Module
The InoVane Tempest module, which is the heart of the system, is a compact mechanical separator which can be used independently or in combination with secondary filter elements in a variety of air filtration systems.

Heavy contaminant
It is designed to conquer tough contaminants, providing clean, smooth air flow in a range of applications and conditions.  The self-cleaning feature makes it ideal for locations where heavy contaminant loading is a problem for conventional air-intake filtration.


Reducing dirt
By greatly reducing dirt loading on secondary filter elements in a system, the cyclone Filter Module provides long-term economies by extending the service life of an air-intake system.

Tempest, the first stage
InoVane Tempest can be easily paired with other types of filtration to provide a complete filtration system that is light
-weight and highly efficient, with minimal maintenance requirements.

  InoVane Tempest dust and sand storm filter module  

Efficient Operation
Air enters inlet tube, striking stationary spinner and developing high radial velocity.

Kinetic Energy
Inertial action forces contaminants to the periphery of the tube, separating them from the main air stream. Main air stream, now cleaned, exits straight through the center discharge tube.

Secondary discharge
Contaminants are carried by a secondary discharge stream into a bleed duct system. The secondary airflow should be approximately 10% of the primary air flow. If additional ducting is required from the fan, the appropriate external resistance must be added. 


InoVane Tempest Performance Data sand and dust desert storm filter


Frequent Questions / Problems that you may find, solved by InoVane Tempest
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